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Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 9:38 PM

Left to right: Misan (my boss), Iwan (my colleague), Victor and yours truly.

Saw Victor who was my boss' student when we had our dinner in Sushi Tei last night. My boss asked him to join us and oh my, I did have great time chatting with him.

Victor happens to be attending BUAA (北京航空航天大学),which is the university I went to. Needless to say, I had a fabulous time recalling those days in Beijing. I kept saying "I miss Beijing" again and again. So often during the dinner time that my boss got sick of it.

I miss Beijing. Lovely environment. Nice weather. Yummy food. Superb friends. Cheap stuff everywhere. What more to ask?

However, it's not because Beijing is THAT great. I miss the "me" when I was there. The nice me. I remember how I used to take life very easily back then. Nothing could bother me. All I had to worry was exams and attendance list. Things were never out of control. I pretty much had everything done just like how I wished. All in all, I had a fabulous life.

When we separated last night, instead of saying goodbye to Victor, I said, "See you in Beijing." Oh, yeah, I miss Beijing THAT much.

You know what I miss the most? That certain somebody.

He used to be there every single time I needed him. Through e-mails and/or phone calls. Whenever I felt homesick or down, he always came up with the perfect wordings to cheer me up. He had this strange faith in me, that I would stay strong. He knew how to stop my tears and bring laughter back to my face. Never did he mind my childishness and my inability to be tough. I can't imagine how wrecked I would have been if it hadn't been for him.

Guess what, that person is you. My rock.

You were in my life, still are at this moment and I hope you will be in the future.