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Yosely. Cily. Jo. 郭臻璎。
Full time student. Translator and tutor.
Sarcasm plus cynicism mixed with genuine concern.
LOVE reading.
Addicted to Western TV series.
Introvert AND extrovert at the same time.

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college again, major in Japanese literature
move out from Medan
a new phone
♥ a new digital camera
♥ great main job + fun side job
♥ certainty ;)

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Fabulous February
Thursday, February 10, 2011 @ 12:24 PM

February is The Gathering Month. Friends come back and having them around is one of my ways of staying alive. It's only halfway through February and I have had lots of meet-ups, catching-up sessions and not to forget gossip series.

Annual CNY's Eve Lunch

First Day of CNY

UNO Stack

This is not a candid picture. She was posing for it. =)

Forgive my pissed-off pose. This isn't a candid picture either. Why can't I pose sweetly? Why oh why?

Let me introduce you to Erwin, Mary's bf. Too bad you can't see his dimples here.

Vana's cengo face is always hilarious. Oops.

Soft opening of M.O.M, my new workplace. The long blue papers is my writing. *sigh*

Nuansa with LBD-ers. They're the reason why I love February so.

My new haircut. Having love-hate relationship with it.

Nick, my very first guy friend. He was my neighbour. "The best antiques are old friends."

Gus, the two-faced man. Literally. His right and left cheek are different.

Midnight birthday surprise for my boss.

Oh, how I wish every month was February. But then, if I got to meet them whenever I want, they wouldn't mean as special as they are now. It is the absence that makes a heart grow fonder, isn't it?