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The End of March's March
Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 5:23 PM

The last day of March and I feel nothing than relief. March is the most painful month in 2011 so far, I hope it will be the one and only as well. Amen to that.

Some happenings in March in random order:
  • Cried for days because I was so depressed at workplace. Thank You for always being there for me.
  • Bid You another goodbye. See you soon? ;)
  • J has started his very own business.
  • Resigned from my workplace.
  • Started working in the new office the next day.
  • Undecided "fun".
  • Shin Anime has expanded. Not only do we sell anime, but also Western TV series. Oh, we also have HD movies as well. Welcome the new us, Shin Entertainment.
  • Didn't get the chance to meet Nick. =(
  • Bought Big Bang 4th mini album. Yayness!!
  • Went to Times bookstore with Vianly and got ourselves some classic fiction novels. *faints*
  • Found some truths.
Laughter, smiles, and tears too. I'm glad bad things happened to me, they didn't only make me stronger but also taught me lots of lessons of life.

Anyway, the last day of March also means Antony's birthday!!

Yours truly and the birthday man at Vianly's birthday party last year.

Ok, gotta get ready for his birthday dinner. Ciao.