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Friday, July 8, 2011 @ 11:14 PM

This blog is getting emo. No good no good. I miss babbling randomly about how I spend my day. Anyway, today is my last night in Bandung. For now, at least. Will be back to Medan tomorrow! Yaayy!! Too bad I get to stay for around two weeks only because I have to join TOEFL test on 27th. Urgh!

Went to the university this afternoon to settle some registration stuff and get my Student ID.

I must have acted like some lost child that two seniors approached me and offered some help. "Ngambil jurusan apa, dek?" Ohmy!! It's extremely hard to keep my face straight when both of them addressed me as "dek". Lols! I'm older than them! Tsk!! Unless there are some mahasiswa abadi in the college, I'll definitely be the most "senior" there. *facepalm*

I almost laughed when the administration staff passed me my Student ID. I don't know why but I sincerely think I look like a 村姑!A village girl who is so eager to see the world. Lols!! A bit true, I guess. =pp

Bought my glasses frame in IP. Finally! Actually, I've seen the frame couple of days ago, but I was still not sure if it's what I want. (background vocal: girls) Can't wait to buy lenses the day after tomorrow! Welcome back, glasses! Decided to go to Ciwalk as I hadn't been there during my 3-week stay. It's unusual since Ciwalk was my favourite mall back then. Didn't get anything there though. Malls aren't exactly students' best friend.

Btw, I've just found out that there are two comic rentals in the food court opposite the university! Not one, but TWO! I fell in love with Gubuk Dongeng (if I'm not mistaken). They have wide range of comic collections! Even the rare ones! Not to mention, their novels are up to date as well. The very first thing I'll do when I come back here is to apply for membership there. The only dark side is renting novel is a bit pricey these days.

That pretty much sums up what I did today. Nighty night!!