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After the Test Has Gone
Monday, October 10, 2011 @ 3:41 PM

For the very first time since I moved here, I've got the chance to nua! Fufufu~~ My mid test was pretty okay, I hope I could pass with flying colours. *pray*

Anyway, Agus' friend came to Bandung last weekend. Agus asked if his friend could crash at my place for some days, which is absolutely okay with me. He forgot to mention that his friend is Korean. =.=" Kim So Young speaks fluent Japanese and English, so we had no difficulties in communicating. She is a wonderful and super brave woman! She has been backpacking for three months and still counting. Her target is one year. Omoo! I can't imagine if I have to travel to places where I can't understand the language.


With my housemates!
Daevon - So Young onnie - Ci Linda - Ci Dewi - Moi - Lavie

Vianly said whoever sees this picture will never think I'm that kolao girl. =pp

The legendary Korean heart shape.

Vera (my closest classmate here) - So Young onnie - moi - Mbak Ike (she's on honeymoon!)

In the angkot on our way back to my boarding house.

Local people like to eat cilok so very much. And I don't get that.

Booze session!!


Buddhist festival in Festival Citylink.

Early Christmas present for me, anyone? *batting eyelashes*

She LOVES everything in J.Co.

Amazed at street singers.

He was like, "Take the picture from this angle, it looks better." Lol?


Bandung night view from Sierra.

That's a wrap!

PS: I know I look neck-less in the last photo. =.="