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Thursday, November 10, 2011 @ 11:00 PM

Haven't been myself lately. *sigh* This homesick is prolly the worst one so far. I have no idea which one I miss more, my home or my "home". Either way, it has cost me 2 kgs.

My friend asked me if it is homesick or former-me-sick. Not until when I was getting ready for our photo hunting session did I get what he meant. And yeah, bull's eye!! I miss the former me! The dress + high heels me. The "mature" me. The "dolly" me. I miss being me!

My close friends have been telling me to stick to the real me. But I just can't. I don't know why but ever since I moved to Bandung, I've been taking people's opinion more seriously. The ignorant me slowly evaporated away.


Enough with the mellow sentences.

Had a fun night tonight. Thanks to my friend, my craving for pasta has finally come to an end. I was also given the chance to dress up! Dress plus high heels plus some make-up never cease to make my day. =DD

First time being here.

While waiting for the food.


Seriously have no idea why I posed like this. Smh.

Lots of mushroom!! But too bad, the garlic was as much as the mushroom. >.<"

My cousin would laugh his arse off if he comes across this photo as he's the only one who still calls me kucing (cat).

Chapter III, part 1.


Chapter III, part 2.

I lied to my sensei this morning, told her I don't like any animal while actually 動物の中で犬が一番好きです。

Not proud of my ngiao2 face.

Picture of the day!!