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Missy Me
Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 3:55 PM

They say you dream of somebody because that person misses you. With these two dreams about that certain somebody two days in a row, I guess that person is missing me? ;) But then it would also mean that you dream of me every single day, heh? :">

As I was lying on my bed, hundreds of what-ifs and if-onlys popped out. I used to believe that if I regret nothing, then I won't have any unanswered questions. Ahh~ I hate this emo side of me. It's like nothing is good enough for me.

He often says, "Just because you're not happy, you blame the whole world." *sigh* I miss sitting with him, doing our own stuff and enjoying the silence. I miss how he always tried his best to treat me like a princess even though most of the time I didn't deserve it. I miss how he would let me do whatever I want, eat whatever, as long as I was happy. I miss his home-cooked Indomie goreng. I miss his smell. I miss how he side-eyed me when I said something weird. I miss sharing our absurd music collection. I miss how he would come to my house unannounced. I miss his ridiculous sense of humour. I miss my comfort zone.

And hey, did you know that I miss you the most? The silent long phone call, the unimportant arguments we always had. I miss how we yelled at each other when we're annoyed or just because we felt like doing it. I miss waiting for midnight just so I could nag you with my endless selfish rants. I miss counting days to meeting you. I miss pretending that I never needed you. I miss acting as if I was tough. I miss everything about you. I miss how you were my rock.

I miss those two great guys. I miss being that little girl.