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Till I Miss You Two
Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 9:02 AM

Since I lost my phone, checking my e-mail inbox through laptop has been another routine of mine. Nothing beats the feelings of waking up to nice e-mails or messages. ;) Thanks to my friend, these days I've been giggling like siao when I access my e-mail. Blame his candid photos of mine. Was never a fan of candid photos of me as I always look either dumb or grim. Sometimes both. Dumbly grim. Grimly dumb. Smh. Not to mention I have that super eww gummy smile. *facepalm* However, somehow, with some wizardry spells he has, my friend scores some pretty decent candid of mine (as you can see from my previous posts).

Some of the photos he sent me:

Can't wait to be back here soon. >.<"

The tree on the table is merely reflection. Say aww?

View from our table. I bet it would look better at night.

Those look like wishes lanterns, agree? Anyway, are you able to spot us?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this candid photo!

My smile looks genuine. Fiuuhh~~ I thought I would never be able to smile like this again.

Another 村姑

So, this is how I look when I am serious.

My friend calls this "template smile".

Another template smile.

No idea why he asked me to cover my nose.

All credit goes to him whose name shall not be mentioned. ;)