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How Far We've Been
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 11:53 AM

Cherise came to Bandung and asked me to be her tour guide which I gladly did. =D Told Veiz's sister, Riana, about it and we ended up planning the itinerary. Yeah, she joined us as well.


Went to Hyper Paskal Square at night. Nothing much to do there except eating and camwhoring. =)


When I went to Tangkuban Perahu in October, it was pretty cold. However, the Sun was really scorching on last Saturday. I swear I got darker. Hikss..

Stopped by Lembang to have our lunch and all of us were surprised by the size of the chickens. They're so tiny. Riana and I are the ultimate Medanese, we eat A LOT but never get fat. We are blessed, aren't we? =pp

Maribaya afterwards. See the bridge? It's really strong but none of us dared walk to the other side. Acrophobia, that is. Riana and I ended up walking halfway for the sake of photos.

Had our dinner in Kampung Daun before we headed back to Bandung. Kampung Daun is nice and romantic and comfy and stuff but I really don't think I'm willing to go that far for the so-so food anymore. Yeah, food over ambience, that's me.


Breakfast at Batagor Kingsley. All of us didn't get why Jakartan and Bandungnese are so crazy about it. The batagor and siomay taste merely passable. Not to mention it's over-priced as well (for Bandung rate).

Anyway, as the day before was burning, I decided to wear T-shirt and shorts to Kawah Putih. Turned out it was freezing cold. ._____. I used Cherise's beach sarong to cover my legs and yeah I looked so silly there. Haish.

Me: Don't you wish we had some booze right now?
Riana: Yeah. It would come in handy.
Me: We would spend our time here, sitting on the rocks, reminiscing old memories while drinking.
Riana: And get drunk?
Us: Huahuahauhauhaua!!

The lunch we had in Ciwidey was great. Cheap and finger-licking good! Riana finished almost the whole portion of the fish by herself.

Last, what's Bandung without visiting Dago Pakar? This time, instead the old time Sierra, I decided to give Cocorico a try. Not bad. A tad over-priced but still tolerable.

As I had so much fun with Riana last weekend, I can't wait for any upcoming trips! =DD