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Saturday, December 31, 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Yup, "wheeeeee and whoaaaaaaa" & "omoooooooo and gyaaaaaa" from previous posts were referring to a photo shoot. *blush*

Went all "wheeeeee and whoaaaaaaa" because, you know, it's a photo shoot! And the "omoooooooo and gyaaaaaa"? Urm.. Remember when I said it's going to be pretty huge? It's because it's meant to be a topless one. Yes, topless as in semi naked as in wearing nothing as my top.

When Nd first told me I had to be on my birthday suit, I was a bit reluctant. Nude photo shoot has always been one of my dream shots yet it costs a fortune to hire a professional photographer for it. After asking around, I decided to give it a shot. Pun intended. ;)

Then, I had the idea of doing a lingerie shot as well. *blush* I mean, why not? Went lingerie hunting a day before the shot and failed! The pair I had my eye on was so bloody expensive! Around 800k! Even La Senza is a bit cheaper and undoubtedly sexier of course. So yeah, had to cross the lingerie shot off. *facepalm*

On our way to the studio, Nd gave me this nerve-wrecking prep talk. *sigh* "Don't disappoint me, you know. I've prepared everything for days. Be all out, please," he said. I kept nodding and nodding. As if that hadn't scared the hell out of me, he added, "If I am not satisfied with the result, I'm gonna put you into my black list, no more photo shoots for you." Omoo!!

Make-up and hair-do went smoothly. Didn't expect the purple-themed make-up so I secretly smirked in happiness. Lols. The MUA stuck FOUR falsies on my upper eyelashes and TWO on the lower ones. My eyes went from O.O to -.- No kidding! "I don't need to smize anymore, the falsies do it for me," said I. Oh, in case you're not a fan of ANTM , "smize" means smile with your eyes.

Anyway, the thing with my face is, it changes drastically after make-up and it's mostly unpredictable. Initially, the make-up was intended to make me look sensual but I transformed to Evil Lady (the MUA said I looked so devilish) instead. Lols. Seeing me and the make-up result, Nd asked me to try on a corset. When I got out from the fitting room, he got this brand new concept on his head so yeah, the nude photo shoot was CANCELLED.

Was I disappointed? A teensy bit. It was more to relief, to be honest. Apparently, I'm not ready for bold shoots yet. Smh. Who knows imma do it next semester hols? ;)

Feel like kena con reading the whole blog post yet no topless me? Lols.

Tiok 9gag already, almost incurable. Smh.

Photographer: Andy Susanto
Make-up & hair-do by: Heru Heriawan
Photo editor: Jeff Kie
Special thanks to Brides of Dejavu for the studio!

Friends said the photoshop on my left arm is so obvious. Yes, my left arm was photoshopped. But unlike what people say, it's not photoshopped to be smaller, in fact it's edited to be bigger than the real size. Oh, and to make it balance because my arms are a bit muscly.

All in all, extremely pleased with yesterday's photo shoot. Looking forward to another one. >.<"

On a totally random note, I managed to knot a cherry stem for the first time! Lols!!