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Tied Down
Saturday, December 24, 2011 @ 10:41 AM

Just like a million other people who teared while watching the video, I did too! Turned out I am not as heartless as I thought, heh? Lols.

It brought back memories of a certain night in 2008 when J "proposed" to me. Kind of. Lols. We were chatting on the phone (more like I did all the talking and he did all the agreeing part), when he suddenly talked about his future house stuff or whatever, I have forgotten. ._____."

Him: The house will be like this and like that and so on and so on. You will be like this and that and be doing blablabla.
Me: Wait. Why am I in the picture?
Him: You want to get married to me, no?
Me: Is this a proposal?
Him: I think so.
Me: You suck! Big time!

I didn't give him any answer that night though. Smh. Didn't tell Momsie as I knew she would agree with my decision, whatever it was. Meanwhile, my friends were harder to conquer. Went to Veiz and Kent for their opinions and critics. None of them liked the idea of me spending the rest of my life with him but they didn't disagree either, so again, the decision was all on me.

Spent days and days considering this and that. Then, some weeks after the proposal and some weeks prior to my birthday, I texted J, "For my birthday present, I want an engagement ring."

He didn't give me of course, siao meh? Lols. Although there's no ring whatsoever, I started calling him fiance just for the sake of it. It's still funny no matter how I reminisce it. Lols. Too bad we had to call everything off in 2010. Nobody saw it coming, but we had to do what had to be done. ;)

As for this moment, we remain best friends. A relationship concept that Momsie would never ever fathom. Lols. Some days ago, when I got back from a meal with him, she said, "If you two are still good even though you've spent the last six months out of Medan, why don't you consider getting back together?" Huahuahuaaa.. Because that's impossible, mom. ;) We have moved on and we have let each other go. Completely. Yes, we still have that certain spot in each other's heart but that's it, nothing more.

For better or worse, it's just something everybody needs to get over with. Gah! I need to stop before I go all mellow. ;)