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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @ 4:04 PM

Bandung: Cheap food, a lot of places to go but no friends.
Medan: Expensive food, (almost) nowhere to go but tons of friends.

Saw this epic parking in front of our high school. One step back and JLEB!

Coffee time in Opal Coffee. It's not candid photos of the guys, they knew I was taking their pictures.

Candid ones. Except mine, of course.

Me: Let's take a photo of our shoes.
Gus: I'm wearing sandals.
Me: Don't care.
Fed: *took his slippers off* Shoes are too mainstream.

Vana and yours truly, friends since 1991.

I. Just. Had. To. Camwhore.

Fed: You said you don't like children but you keep playing with him.
Me: I don't. I really don't. I am just afraid he will hit the table's corner.

Shanzha! One of my favourite childhood snacks!

Anyway, went to a wedding dinner with mom after I got back from Opal. You know you drink too much when the beer SPG gave you a thumb up. True story. How I managed to not trip in my high heels is still a mystery, not to mention I did walk down the stairs as well. Smh. Slept in my dress and make-up as I was too tipsy to do anything once I got into my room. *facepalm* First hangover in 2012. More to come? ;)