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Thursday, February 16, 2012 @ 8:04 PM

#nowreading Perhaps You - Stephanie Zen.

Is it like what the novel says? That all these years I have been trapped in my own curiosity? What we really need is a closure, but then, there's nothing to be ended if we have never started anything, right? I hope it will not be like what I've been telling people, that whatever it is between us, it will not end unless one of us ties the knot. I miss you. And I'm literally counting down to meeting you soon. ;)

The hardest subject I have taken so far.

As there are not many students registered for English II class (just like Mandarin II), it was closed. I am left with no choice except Nihonshi which I reluctantly enrolled for. Even in Nihonshi there are only six students, two ninensei and four ichinensei.

I am not sure if I am too stupid or my fellow classmates are that sugoi. NONE of them asked the lecturer any questions. NONE of them requested the lecturer to repeat. Yeah, as usual, I was the only one who kept asking the lecturer the yomikata of those kanji. I really need to work my arse off if I want to pass this subject with flying colours. Haish.

Bahasa Indonesia assignment sucks the life out of me, as usual.

The package that lit my day instantly!

Thank you for sending me those dictionaries of yours that you treasure very much. Thank you for supporting me even though you disapprove my decision of going back to college. Thank you for being there for me as always. Thank you for going to my home to fetch that CD for me. Thank you for being you. Thank you for you.