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Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ 10:35 PM

Greetings from Medan!

This sudden escapade is God's way of telling me those things I missed. If I weren't here, I would still be clueless. You know how you suppress your feelings just so the other party won't get worried? Exactly what mom and I are doing to each other. Mom's face when she saw me was priceless! I am happy that she is happy to see me!!

The impulsive plane-tix purchase is one of the best decisions ever! Family and friends in Medan are really irreplaceable. Hohoho~~ Mom, Vianly and of course J. ;)

XO Suki and Opal Coffee.

Love this candid photo of mine!

Anyway, turned out I wasn't the only one with sudden plan. S is leaving for Jakarta for good tomorrow. I thought J was joking when he told me so. *sigh* Our little farewell session was free from tears. However, it's pretty hard to hold back my tears when I realised three of us would be in three different cities.

See you in Java, S. ;)

Me: He's leaving tomorrow. I'm leaving soon as well. You will be all by yourself here.
J: Heh?
Me: Yeah. All this time you've had only me and him. You have no other friends!
J: ...
Me: See?! That's why! Don't be so kolao anymore!
J: I can still look for other friends.
Me: You have nobody.
J: I can ask xxx out. Or I can text yyy when I'm bored.
Me: TRY! *angry face*

It's not that I'm being irrationally jealous. I just don't like those two he mentioned. So, dear J, if you read this, don't you dare look for them, k? ;)