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Friday, September 7, 2012 @ 10:45 PM



Well, I haven't updated for, err, more than three months? Got busy with my final exam for last semester and his visit. Meant to update once I got home but the internet connection was so lousy that I had to depend on my bb to survive my cyber life. I know, I know.

I've made some drastic change to myself since the end of last month. Dyed my hair red (although it came out brown) using Beauty Labo and had my hair cut (impulsively) in Anata. I was having the shiok creambath session when I decided THAT might be the perfect moment to have my hair chopped. Won't lie to you, I did pray and pray that the stylist would be good enough.

At first, Mas Yus (the hairstylist from Anata) kept persuading me not to have my hair cut short, saying how my long neck and tall figure might not go well with short hair. Told him I had had bob years ago and it looked just fine. He finally gave in although he kept telling me he wouldn't cut as short as I wanted. He did a good job on my hair, if I may say so myself. People have been complementing how I look fresh and young with this hair style. Hehe. Except him who told me I look like some auntie in Sambu. Err..

I also decided to leave the gembel style I've adopted since I moved to Bandung and go back to the old me. Sion said, "I wonder how they will react when they see you wearing a dress. Just like when you're in Medan." Most likely it will shock my friends, considering how Vera reacted when I went to college wearing crop tee. *sigh*

All in all, I'm pretty glad to be back to college. Except for the quizzes. Hey, have I mentioned that I got 50% off of the tuition fee? Yes, I got the scholarship! Yay for me!!