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Yosely. Cily. Jo. 郭臻璎。
Full time student. Translator and tutor.
Sarcasm plus cynicism mixed with genuine concern.
LOVE reading.
Addicted to Western TV series.
Introvert AND extrovert at the same time.

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move out from Medan
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♥ certainty ;)

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Missing You
Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 6:04 PM

GD in shower cap is still hot as hell. What kind of sorcery is this? God must be in a really good mood when creating GD.

"My heart feels sad but I have no one to talk to
I wanna smile broadly sometimes but there's no one beside me
Maybe I’m missing you"

Lesson of the week: Every relationship requires work, even the eff-ed up one.

I thought all we need is the chance to execute our plan. Turned out I was wrong. I forgot to count the most important things: effort and willingness.

We used to blame the situation and condition for forcing us to miss all the fun we might had. We used to blame our hectic schedule for stopping us to making our own schedule. We used to blame the distance. I guess we are so busy blaming other factors that we put our responsibilities behind our back. Now that we have all the supporting elements, did we manage to finally do what we wanted to? We didn't.

Nothing good comes out from two self-centered and arrogant people like us. Our pride hinders us from doing our part. Well, the cancellation didn't come as a surprise but it doesn't mean it was painless. After all the disappointment I had, I thought I would be immune to it. Haha. It still hurts as hell.

I'm exhausted to be the only one who makes all the effort yet you don't even bother to meet me halfway. I'm beat.