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Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 9:15 PM

Moving on is easy. Letting go, THAT, is hard.

Sometimes, people mistake moving on as letting go. I myself have witnessed a lot of people having a hard time during this period. I don't know what (or how) the deal is with other people and I'm not saying I'm an expert either. However, when we decide to move on, shouldn't we let go too?

Something similar to this happened again. Hhhh. A friend had broken up with his ex-gf months before I came to their life. I didn't know and I didn't want to know what happened between them two. What I know was, he's single and it's not a sin to befriend with a man. Haha.


God knows why the ex-gf keeps (yes, until now) taking me as her deathly enemy. After her "friendly" message through fb the end of last year, I decided to keep my distance. Fair enough, right?

Wrong again.

The ex-gf still pays ridiculous attention to me and most of the time it's annoying the hell out of me. Earlier this month, after they got back together, the guy told me he's not supposed to see me because of his gf. Wtf. It's not like we've been having an affair behind her back! Was she being absurdly insecure or what? I don't even see the guy often. Geez. Okay, I was actually flattered by that statement. I didn't know I was such a threat to their relationship. Rawr!!

I've been very patient these past few months because my instincts told me she's head over heels with him. There's nothing wrong with being insanely in love, right? Except the part that it literally makes you go insane. Tsk.

It came as a surprise when I heard that they broke up again and the woman is with somebody else now. I honestly thought the woman's unhealthy obsession would never meet an end. Lol. I was happy for her, you know. Having got a new bf, she should be all over the moon and enjoying her honeymoon period and would leave me all alone now.

Wrong again.

Some days ago, when I was getting out of the elevator, I saw her with her new bf. I tried to smile at her. You know, being friendly and stuff? She didn't smile back. Instead, she pointed at me and said something to the new bf, "She's the one who ..." I didn't hear what she said next and couldn't really be bothered either. It's tremendously disgusting!

What did I do to deserve that? It's not like I was the cause of their break-up! Wtf. IF she has really moved on AND let go, shouldn't I be the least of her worries? And telling tales about me to her new bf?? Wtf is that?

Up until this moment, I still don't get why she did that. I'm actually glad I don't understand her motives, that's a proof I'm not as mental as her. The thing is, my patience is getting thinner and thinner, the moment she pisses me off again would be the moment I snap at her. Hhhh.