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Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 8:56 PM

Despite the fact that I'm 25 now, there are countless matters in life that I can't seem to fathom. For instance:
  • I don't get some insignificant people in college who hate me for unknown reasons. I'm okay with people disliking me upon my own behaviour or attitude. It's not like I can please everybody, right? What I cease to understand is why they nurture the irrational hatred towards me while we have never communicated on daily basis. Or be in the same room long enough for them to know me.
  • In spite of my GPA, fellow students (and some lecturers for that matter) still take me as a dumb bimbo. Hello? I was not born beautiful, the least I can do is make myself presentable, right? What's wrong with applying some make-up every now and then? It's not like I abandon my study for that. Geez. Looking good makes you feel good, isn't it so?
  • On another note, women who think beauty is the answer to everything is another concept I can't comprehend. Last time I checked, a brainless beautiful woman is such a turn off.
  • People who think I'm their rival is another joke that I fail to get. I can't be bothered to acknowledge their existence yet it seems like they spend a lot of time and effort to knock me down. Seriously? It's not like we have ranking system in college.
  • I realize that kissing some right bums might make your life easier. What I don't understand is why some people think it's the only way? Like, if you want good scores, shouldn't you study hard instead of wasting your time kissing bums?
Well, those are typical people I interact with in college every single day. Sadly, most of them are my seniors who should be good role-models instead of being such a pain in the arse. As much as I hate the atmosphere (and some of the people) there, going to college again is one of the best decisions I've made.