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Saturday, October 13, 2012 @ 9:30 PM

Another morning spent in Museum Asia Afrika teaching Japanese even though when it came to pronunciation, I asked Kurniawan-san to teach. Given my crappy pronunciation, intonation and basically everything, I can't be the one to teach, unless I want the students to end up having bad 発音 like me. :'( Kurniawan-san taught the しゃ、しゅ、しょ、ちゃ、ちゅ、ちょ、ひゃ、ひゅ、ひょ, etc. and he's very good at it, you know. He sounds like a native Japanese. He even pronounces ひ perfectly! And for a 二年生 (just like me) he's really fluent. *sadface*

Instead of sitting idly, I also drilled some words together with the students. Ultimate 自信がない moment. *facepalm*

Anyway, I've just found out there are three types of intonation for はし。
はしで食べる。 Eat using chopsticks.
はしで食べる。 Eat on the bridge.
はしで食べる。 Eat by the edge.
A real are-you-kidding-me moment! I spent my time drilling はし (chopsticks), はし (bridge), and はし (edge) in the angkot on my way home. Geez. I really need to use Japanese more if I want to be ペラペラ soon.