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Sunday, October 7, 2012 @ 7:57 PM

Starting yesterday, I am one of the teachers at Museum Asia Afrika, teaching Japanese. I was appointed to teach the beginner class. Honestly, it's a big responsibility for me, considering I myself am not fluent yet. But whatever, I need this event to get me some new friends who speak Japanese fluently. Lols.

Also, I've just realised that I love teaching so much that I'm willing to do it on Saturday. Early in the morning. And without making any money out of it. Yeah, I know I sound so materialistic and it's as if I'm not willing to do the volunteering. Well, it's just a metaphor, k. The moment I stood in front of the classroom and started teaching, I felt like I was home. True story. Kamaga-san and Bram-senpai said I'm good at teaching. Yayy. But then they told me I am too strict and I should joke more. Seriously? Here I am, thinking I am funny enough to be a stand up comedian.

Speaking of stand up comedian, I went to @pandji's Merdeka Dalam Bercanda tour in the evening. Yeah, it somehow makes me look like a despo, being alone on a Saturday night, watching the show all by myself. Lols. I would love to be somewhere else, you know. #hint Too bad, my pride stopped me from doing so. Again.

The show was hilarious. I laughed so hard I literally rolled on my chair. For two hours. The 50k was really well spent. Couldn't wait for the next stand up night held by Stand Up Indo Bandung.

To make up for not being able to have lunch with Yenny yesterday, I met up with her in Anata earlier this morning. She had her hair dyed while I had my usual monthly session: creambath and mani-pedi. Oh, had my hair cut again also. Same length but with more layers and somehow thinner, just they way I like it.

Ho was there too, accompanying Yenny. We decided to contact Erick whom I haven't seen since 2008 for some catch-up sessions. Since Erick doesn't live near my place anymore, we decided to meet up in IP. Ho said he wanted to eat Sour Sally's yoghurt before leaving. I didn't know that Ho likes to eat yoghurt. I think yoghurt is not for guys. Laughed at him because of this. Yes, I'm being sexist. Lols.

Ho and Yenny had to leave earlier to catch their bus back to Bogor (Ho) and Cirebon (Yenny) so I was left there with Erick. Thought it would be awkward for both of us but turned out we had a nice catch-up session. Two hours flew by just like that. Well, it worked better than most of my dates. =pp

Spending too much time at this crazy campus makes me treasure every single moment I get to spend with my friends. Like, seriously. They are like fuel to my engine. Eaaaa~~