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The Call
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 @ 10:14 PM

The angkot I took this afternoon rerouted so I had to take off at Setiabudhi. So, as I was already in front of Setiabudhi Supermarket and I had never been inside, I decided to get in. Omoo~~ Ci Dewi always says how Setiabudhi Supermarket has wider range of food than Yogya in Riau Junction and she's right! The cooking ingredients they have there is amazing! The snacks section makes my mouth drool. The chocolate shelves have exactly what I want! They even have swallow nest for sale! Too bad the arrangement is messy. And the building has some creepy aura. It can be only me though.

Best part of it? It has Periplus! Pretty big one! Yayyness!! I found these two books in the discounted area. Never heard of these books so I Googled the reviews and most of the readers rated them 4/5. Bought them without further consideration.

And you know the best part of these books? I told you they're in the discounted area, right? Guess how much did they cost...

I bet your guesses were wrong!! As you can see from the photo above, they only cost me IDR35k both! What a bargain!! I can't get any happier than this.

Not long after I reached home, Agus called me.

Him: Yos, Yos..
Me: What? Don't tell me you're asking for road directions again.
Him: Hehe.
Me: Okay. Where to where?
Him: I don't know where I am. It's written H.M. Yamin. I need to go back to Swiss Bel.
Me: And where are you exactly at? Any shop?
Him: Urm.. I've just passed Popeye's Bakery.
Me: Okay. Go straight. After you pass the second railroad you'll see, turn left. Then go straight until you pass the train station, turn right after that. You'll see Lonsum, go straight. Turn left on the second turn, after you see a dead end, turn right. Go straight until you pass a bridge. Turn left on the traffic lights. Turn right after that. You'll see Bank Sumut. I believe you know how to get to Swiss Bel from there.
Him: Urm, Yos. You know, you'll make a good taxi driver, in case you can't find a job, you know.
Me: ...