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Yosely. Cily. Jo. 郭臻璎。
Full time student. Translator and tutor.
Sarcasm plus cynicism mixed with genuine concern.
LOVE reading.
Addicted to Western TV series.
Introvert AND extrovert at the same time.

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college again, major in Japanese literature
move out from Medan
a new phone
♥ a new digital camera
♥ great main job + fun side job
♥ certainty ;)

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Stay the Night
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 @ 11:30 PM

Him: This is what you call good? So lame.
Me: I know I am good. I don't need you to tell me I'm good.
Him: Maybe you're good, but not good enough.
Me: Well, I happen to know I am good.

Him: Don't show me that sour face.
Me: Stop teasing me then! 不喜欢看人家脸臭又爱讲人家。搞什么啊你。

Him: Why is your walking posture so bad?
Me: What?
Him: 驼背!Can't walk straight somemore.
Me: Well, apparently you don't know me that well, mister. I am not good at wearing flat shoes.
Him: What kind of excuses is that?
Me: It's the truth. Next time I'll wear high heels only, kay?

Him: What do you want to eat?
Me: Anything will do. As long as not steak, I don't eat steak.
Him: Choose one.
Me: Aiyoo. I don't even know what they have here.
Him: Everything. Let's walk around then.
*walking around*
Him: Saw anything you like?
Me: No. Let's go upstairs.
Him: There's nothing interesting upstairs. Katjapiring, Black Canyon, ...
Me: Black Canyon then!
Him: Well, I don't want to eat there.
Me: Why?
Him: It's expensive.
Me: What? Pepper Lunch also costs the same.
Him: It's more expensive.
Me: *sigh* Okay. Okay. Eh, look! Let's eat at Nanny's!!
Him: What to eat there?
Me: Pasta!
Him: Pasta can't make me full one.
Me: WHAT TO EAT LEH? This doesn't want, that expensive.
Him: Okay. Okay. Black Canyon then.
*2 minutes later*
Him: What about KFC?
Me: 为什么不早讲?KFC is okay. I'll have KFC anytime.
Him: Why didn't you tell me you want KFC? You so atas one, insisted on eating at atas place.
Me: I didn't know what they have here ma...
Him: Okay laa.. KFC then.
*walking towards KFC*
Him: *walking into some kopitiam* This one okay la ya?
Me: 为什么刚才不要直接到这边!Who is the girl here huh??
Him: Ha lah ha lah.. Order food la.
Me: Excuse me. I want this tomyum fried rice. No spring onion.
Him: You know what food doesn't use spring onion? STEAK.
Me: Whatever.

Him: Your English sounds so horrible now.
Me: I know, I know. I have this kind of weird Japanese accent. I know.
Me: My friend said I am like that girl in Wolverine ...
Him: YES! Same ugliness!!
Me: I haven't finished talking! I am talking about accent! Not face!
Him: Face also. Same level.

Him: You know who is beautiful? This chick. *show me a chick on Instagram*
Me: Make-up.
Him: *scrolled through timeline* Not make-up. Look at this photo.
Me: Make-up.
Him: Read the caption. No make-up.
Me: What do YOU know about make-up? She is clearly wearing circle lenses. And her brows? Nobody has that kind of brows naturally.

Him: Wtf with Portugal? Even miracle couldn't save them.
Me: Be glad you didn't place any bet.
Him: If I placed any bet, it would be on German. Who the heck bets on Portugal?
Me: ...
Him: 4-0. Wtf. But it's better than 4-2.
Me: What? 4-2 is better.
Him: What's the point? Still lose.
Me: But ...
Him: But at least show some struggle? It's useless. The outcome is still the same.

You know what makes me feel touched? The fact that you know I always have water next to my bed and provided me a jug last night. Thank you.

Thank you for paying attention to my life, even the most wuliao things, even though you appear like you couldn't care less, you know every minute detail of my habits, needs, and wants. Thank you.

Thank you for dimming the light the moment I wrapped myself inside the blanket. Thank you.

Thank you for turning the TV off and getting engaged in a real conversation with me. Although I did most of the wuliao babbling. Thank you.

Thank you for the encouragement. Not sure if I'm in denial but I think I have your support behind all your harsh words. Thank you.

Thank you for your hand on my shoulder when I woke up. Thank you.

The most important of all, thank you for the beautiful closure. :) Not sure if last night was the end or we're getting back together, but at least I'm now calm and I know that we somehow share mutual feelings, it's just we're the wrong people at the wrong time.

#nowplaying Stay the Night - Zedd ft. Hayley Williams.

Till then.